White Immigrant People From Native Tellers Essay

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These stories have been collected by white immigrant people from native tellers (similar to the Joe Hayes or Joel Chandler Harris situation) or collected by native Africans who have been educated in English by white immigrant audiences. Where do you see the English-speaking, European influences? What instructions would you give to these collectors in order to get accurate stories? This question is similar to the one asked about Joe Hayes, the Anglo who collects Mexican fairy tales.

The most obvious English-speaking influence is that the stories were retold in English by storytellers from America and the United Kingdom. The South African Folk Tales by James A. Honey were stories such as The Dance for Water or Rabbit’s Triumph which was about a rabbit that didn’t want to participate in a ritual that many others thought might provide much needed water. When the water appeared after the others danced the water to the surface, he thought he was entitled to the water even though he didn’t participate. The others decided that he should be punished. The other animals decided that he should be detained by using pitch (black beeswax). Rabbit being a trickster shed his skin and got away. A Story, A Story is similar as well as a story in Uncle Remus. In Lion Who Thought Him Self Wiser Than His Mother, the lion didn’t listen to his mothers words of wisdom. From her life experiences, she knew to beware of men that carried pinching weapons, had white dogs and wore a tuft of a…

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