Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Essay

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Connie, the main character of “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? ”, is a personification of both the stereotypical and actual depiction of rebellion. Many individuals feel that rebellion is an involuntary phase of the teenage years. She has a tendency to disobey the spoken and unspoken, yet implied, wishes of her parents. She reduces the likelihood of being caught in her mutinous acts by assuming a double life. Her clothes, attitudes, and actions all differ depending on where she is and who she is with. She is so submerged in her contumacious acts and achieving her thrills that she did not realize how she was portraying herself or the type of attention she commanded as a result of that portrayal. Ultimately, her self-portrayal and actions play a major role in her tragic, yet tantalizing, fate. Connie possesses an addiction to the levels of adrenaline experienced as a result of the thrills caused by her rebellious acts. One of the contributing factors that lead to her unfortunate kismet was her self-portrayal. One’s self-portrayal is a display of their self-esteem. Others often use the level of self-esteem displayed to judge that person and build an idea of who they are. The idea…

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