Essay on Wheelchair

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Cathedral Heights
275 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City

A Feasibility Study on

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
College of Business Administration

Presented to:
Mrs. Cecile Baniqued

Presented by:
Christian Aris Guy
Jeffrey Jaramillo
Dianne Lozano
Janelle Ann Sotto


A. Company Name : House of Wheelchair
The business proponents came up with the House of Wheelchair as the name of the business. House of Wheelchair can be interpreted as one of the places within the campus that sets the perception to the persons with disabilities (PWD) that our dormitory serves and accommodates them with
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D. Brief Description of the project The project will consist of a building located within the Trinity University of Asia campus that will be used to accommodate the persons with disabilities (PWD) who are studying at Trinity University of Asia. It has modern facilities and an ambiance that is conducive to learning. Female quarters are separate from male quarters. Amenities: * 24 hours security * WIFI study room * Wash area per room * Kitchen and dining area (common area) * Laundry area * First-aid medicine kit per room * Single-size bed * Air-conditioned room * Receiving area (for visitors)

E. Objectives In 1995, Trinity University of Asia was recognized by former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos as the “Friendliest School for the Disabled”. The main objective of this project is to prove that Trinity University of Asia is continuing the tradition of caring for the disabled. The secondary objectives of the study are to lessen their burden in commuting to school. In addition, it provides a clean, comfortable and secure accommodation to students. Also, it gives a wide variety of services. Marketing Aspect * To be able to determine the impact of this proposed project to the stakeholders, both the students and the university. Management Aspect * To be able to promote the most

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