What Was Inside The Black Bottle? Essay

1090 Words Feb 8th, 2016 null Page
The purpose of trying to figure out what was inside the black bottle was to understand the basic elements of the scientific inquiry process. We hypothesized that there was a push pin and string inside the unknown bottle—this was based on observations. In order to determine whether our hypothesis was correct or not, we massed out the unknown bottle, an empty bottle, and items that could potentially be inside the bottle. We also put items inside the empty bottle and compared the sound to the unknown bottle. The results showed that there were differences in sound between the unknown bottle and the empty bottle that had different items inside. Data also showed that there was a limit to what could be inside the bottle since certain items, when inserted into the empty bottle, weighed more than the unknown bottle. Our hypothesis was falsified since there was a safety pin inside the bottle—this item was not inside the bag that had items that could potentially be inside the unknown bottle. We had the mindset that an item inside the bag of potential items was inside the bottle, we fail to consider the fact that other items could be inside the bottle causing our hypothesis to be falsified. Through each step of the experiment, we used different elements of the scientific inquiry process, such as creating a hypothesis and determining methods to support or falsify our hypothesis. Lastly, in order to further develop our understanding of the process of scientific inquiry, we were given…

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