What Makes A Drink Of Water? Essay

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Have you every been out in the woods and really needed a drink of water? Bushcrafting skills and know how are not only fun, they might just save you or your family 's life one day. Getting clean drinkable water with a Survival Water Filter when SHTF is one of those things that I think everyone should know. Luckily, it 's easy to do.

What is in the Water?

There are five things in unfiltered water that can make you sick. A filter must be able to remove all of them to make it safe. You will need different things to handle each of them.

Turbidity is just another word for muck. Think mud, silt and fish poop. Most of it won 't make you ill but it will make the water taste nasty.

Protozoa are tiny moving microbes. Most are harmless to humans. The ones that aren 't will make you sorry.

Parasites can be large or microscopic. Getting them all out is important.

Viruses lay in wait, hoping for something to slurp them up. Drinking untreated water can cause anything from diarrhea to polio.

Bacteria can be harmful or helpful. There are a lot of harmful bacteria in untreated water.

Chemicals in the water come from farming and industry. They can make you as sick as any of the natural pollution.

You will need a coarse filter for the muck and a finer filter for larger pathogens. Carbon can remove most chemical pollutants. Afterwards, the water must be boiled or treated with something like iodine. Making a filter that uses all of these is something even your kids can do.…

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