What Is An American? Essay

838 Words Dec 2nd, 2014 4 Pages
Miranda Richards
Ms. Keck
Composition 1/A2
29 November 2014
What is an American? Harold L. Ickes, Secretary of the Interior for President Franklin D. Roosevelt, delivered an impactful speech that reminded Americans what it means to be an American. This speech was delivered during I am an American Day in New York City’s Central Park on May 18, 1941. At this time Adolf Hitler and the Nazis had control over many countries and seemed to be heading toward world domination. At this time, many Americans did not understand why the United States needed to get involved with the war. Because of this, Ickes mainly used logos and pathos. He used ethos as well. Harold L. Ickes’ speech “What is an American?” was impactful and significant. He reminded Americans what it meant to be an American and why the United States needed to be involved in the war—America needed to help their ally, Britain, to keep both our country and Britain democratic. Harold L. Ickes was a very well liked and well known man. He was very trustworthy, educated, and respected by the American people. Ickes worked for Theodore Roosevelt in the 1912 presidential election. He also managed Hiram Johnson 's presidential campaign in 1924. Ickes served as a United States Secretary of the Interior. He was in Franklin D. Roosevelt 's cabinet. He was also a crucial member of the New Deal (Harold L. Ickes). Ickes was a very well known man and because of this, he did not need to use many ethos. The way Harold Ickes delivered his…

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