What Are The Components Of An Information Systems Essay

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Foundational Hardware Review Questions
TB–1. IS hardware is classified into what three major types?
The components of an Information Systems are hardware, software, and telecommunications networks. The hardware refers to machinery, which includes central processing unit, keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

TB–2. Describe various methods for entering data into and interacting with a computer.
Keyboards are used to breakdown linguistic input and software commands into individual units of meaning. Track pads or a mouse can be used to point, draw, simulate the behavior of other devices such as a paintbrush or airbrush, etc.… In addition, audio equipment for listening or verbal command notions, and video equipment used to display any images that ensembles your needs. Scanners can also be used to convert printed text images into digital data, and many more devices like smart card will be used to enter data into a computer (Valacich & Schneider, 2016).

TB–3. How do computers represent data internally?
Inside of a computer, all data is represented as 0’s and 1’s. Due to the ram being electric, the disk is magnetic, the communications is optical, and the CPU logic is true/false (Schocken, n.d.)

TB–4. Describe the role of a motherboard.
The motherboard is basically a plastic or fiberglass circuit board that connects to all of the computer’s electronic components. It is the main component of a computing device, and these components are power supply, primary and secondary storage,…

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