What Are Studio Culture? Essay

2158 Words Nov 21st, 2014 9 Pages
What is studio culture? When we hear about studio culture in college, the thing that comes to most of our mind is architecture student. Studio culture is the experiences, behaviors, habits and patterns found within the campus-based architecture design studio. The studio is the life of an architect. Studio is the place where all architecture students have many vivid memories that characterize their design studio experience. Late nights, exciting projects, commitment, extreme dedication, long lasting friendships, long hours of working, punishing critiques, unpredictable events, a sense of community and personal sacrifice is what studio culture is all about. I have decided to do my ethnographic paper on the Architecture students and their studio culture. My roommate is an architecture student. I always wondered why he is rarely in the dorm. Most of the time he comes to the dorm really late. Sometimes he doesn’t even come to the dorm at all. This made me interested to know more about his major. This encouraged me to do this ethnographic project on studio culture, because I want to know more about what they do in the studio all day and night. I also want to know more about something that I am not familiar with, something that is foreign to me. For this project I visited two freshmen architecture studio. One in the 4th floor of the Slocum hall and the other one is exactly right below situated in the third floor. Both studios are almost identical but there are some differences.…

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