Wgu Qrt Task 1 Essay

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The Shop That Cares: A Marketing Plan for ATR Enterprises

Western Governor’s University

QRT: Task 1

October 31, 2012

I. Executive Summary 6 II. The Challenge 6 III. Situation Analysis 6 a. Company Analysis 6 b. Customer Analysis 7 c. Competitor Analysis 8 i. Competitor’s Chart App. A d. Collaborators 9 e. Climate 9 i. PEST Analysis App. B ii. SWOT Analysis
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Neither this plan, nor the suggestions provide guaranteed increases in sales or profits of ATR Enterprises. The suggested plan proves as an outline of possible marketing solutions for ATR Enterprises.

Executive Summary
It is the mission of ATR Enterprises to ensure that every customer is provided reliable, friendly service at an affordable and fair price. Gaining the trust of our customers, and becoming a name you feel comfortable to recommend is our number one priority. We promise honest, dependable, friendly experiences every time you visit ATR Enterprises.
PRODUCTS AND SERVICE: ATR offers quick dependable towing with your choice of flatbed or wheel towing trucks available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our modern facility and equipment allow us to pinpoint the exact problem with your vehicle, and create a quick, convenient, and affordable solution. Licensed and certified technicians will evaluate your vehicle and provide you with a free analysis and estimate of repair before the work is started. Once the work is approved, your technician will repair your vehicle quickly, and all work is guaranteed.
The Challenge ATR Enterprises wishes to market their services of towing and auto repair. Their projected goal is to increase their customer volume and sales by expanding their advertising to

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