Essay about Weave Extensions

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Weave Expansion
Sitting at my desk, I turn to a popular R&B station. On the air is the host talking to the owner of a wig shop. The owner is describing different types of popular weaves worn by African American women. Weaves are extensions women use to lengthen or add volume to their own hair. The majority of the human and synthetic weaves are long, straight, and curly. The owner continues to describe how many women exert confidence women while wearing them. As a woman, I don’t disagree; there is nothing more powerful than a woman who feels beautiful. However, as an African American woman, I know the trend is natural hair. Natural hair is hairs which has not been permed or straighten –like the weaves described earlier. The
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She produces a sample product in various mixes and sends to local manufacturers. Since the manufacturer currently makes Natural Wave (Kinky) and Afro Wave wigs for the other business, making extensions only requires a simple modification of banding hair on a string so it can be cut and placed in various areas of the head unlike wigs which are made using a hair net for full head coverage. A contract is written and the owner of the wig shop is now a producer of a new product –natural hair extensions or weaves.
The owner must place the new product on the business website. So following product lines, the product is strategically placed with user friendly drills which describes different aspects of extension or weave natural hair types.
Advertising Tools
Now, it’s time to advertise. The owner decides to advertise two ways: traditional and Internet. The owner goes with traditional because is similar to direct sales, which includes a format –radio which she currently utilizes. The owner also likes radio because they have established a relationship with station owners, manager, hosts, and staff. Radio is one the greatest traditional marketing tools to use to inform target customers –existing and new -of a new product. However, radio advertisement can be expensive and it’s difficult to track results. Many people think advertising is

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