Essay on Waste Of Waste For Life

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Waste for life is a liberally confederated network of architects, artists, designers, scientists, engineers and cooperatives with aim of proposing and advancing solutions to particular environmental dilemma. The equality and extension are the criteria for utilizing resources as a basic and fair society in the vision of Waste for life. By offering scientific knowledge and technology, Waste for life is dedicated to assistance in residents who have poverty problem. As an additional objective, diminish the detrimental environmental effect of non-recycled plastic waste in order to save populace who relies on waste to subsist by boosting self-adequacy and economic safety (Waste for Life, n.d.).

According to Waste for Life, in Argentina, after the recession of economy, an increasing number of population collected waste on metropolitan avenues to subsist in 2003 (2010). In 2006, by triumphant lobbying to Argentine government, cartonero was attempting to gain legalized qualification for waste collection since it had been orderly founded and organized (Waste for Life, 2010). However, because the profit for the cartoneros rely on the merchandise price of recyclables, a group of engineers from Queens University, Ontario initiated an experiment with plastic bags to produce more realistic benefit for the cartoneros (Waste for Life, 2010). Along with the building of two “Kingston Presses” in Buenos Aires, new-generation composite sheet materials were manufactured by combining plastics and…

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