Was The Atomic Bomb And End World War II? Essay

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“Was it Necessary to Drop the Atomic Bomb to End World War II?” The United States of America was and still is one of the biggest countries in the world when it comes to power and demand. Developing such a weapon as the Atomic bomb that can scare and destroy anyone and anything, was in United States favor. But was it really necessary to use a weapon this powerful and dangerous? Yes, I think so. This essay is about my and the two professors Robert James Maddox and Tsuyoshi Hasegawa point of view; if it was necessary to drop the Atomic bombs to end the war. During the World War II the president of the United States was Franklin D. Roosevelt but he died at the end of the war April 12, 1995. The man who took his place was Harry Truman and he was the man who was responsible of the United States acts from now on, such as the bomb dropping in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
A professor in American history, Robert James Maddox, is one of them who think that dropping the Atomic bombs was necessary. He claims that Truman “believed that the Atomic bomb would shorten the war and save lives, particularly American ones” ¹.The proof of that is that Truman and his companions concluded that they had two choices to end the war with. The first one was to do an invasion in Japan and the second option was to drop Atomic bombs. The first option would just have made it all worse for the Americans. If they wanted to invade Japan they had to sacrifice many more American lives, so that was not a good…

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