War on Terrorism Essay

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Geopolitical Brinksmanship: The Psychology of Leaders and the Dangerous Leadership Paths

Personality plays a huge role in shaping the social, as well as, the political behavior of leaders around the world. This has been highly demonstrated through recent events around the world such as the 9/11 twin bombing attacks, the soviet demise, and the war in Iraq. For an individual to understand how and why certain events occur in the country, it is essential to assess mannerisms of prominent world leaders. At the moment, everyone around the world feels the need to understand and find out the underlying motivation of the admirable and not so admirable leaders. This analysis receives support from the
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A careful analysis also shows that for a leader to investigate an effective instrument for foreign policies, it is necessary for the government to understand which tool will work best against their enemies or allies. To gain a full understanding of the foreign policy employed by countries, it is important to understand the effectiveness of the foreign policy. Foreign policy makers have to destroy the other “actor” (Post 23). The first step in doing so includes gaining full potential as to what extent the other individual leader is the main decision maker for the different “actor”.

Post (45) argues that as much as a person or many people are necessary in the behaviors or mannerisms of the other “actor”, in order to gain foreign policy success, an individual must exercise empathy. One leader must employ empathy to gain a full understanding of the other individual at sufficient depths. This includes factors such as what will move the leader or even a group of esteemed leaders toward one’s end, and hence what is the best way to ensure the leaders reach that point. The individual leader or leaders, for example, may be moved by simple factors such as political or economic considerations, but, more often than not, the leaders seek to maximize ends that seem meaningless to their followers and outsiders. Saddam, for example,

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