Wal-Mart “from 5 & Dime to Payouts, Corruption, & Greed” Essay

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As Michael T. Duke, President and Chief Executive Officer of Wal-Mart said, “One of the most gratifying days for me during the past year was the important sales day after Thanksgiving in the United States. As I walked through one of our stores, the engineer in me loved seeing the efficiency and smoothness of how our operations executed and performed. But I loved even more hearing from customers who were going to be able to afford an enjoyable Christmas for their families. They were so thankful for Walmart, and we were so thankful for the opportunity to help them.” This statement sounds
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By not providing any guidance or HR standards, store managers are left to their own devices. Often you have somebody with a 12th grade education who is terribly overworked and who is not sufficiently trained in personnel type decisions. It is often a prescription for disaster. The discretion of supervisors over many varied employment matters that result in giving local managers so much leeway is that they actually have established a policy against having uniform employment practices. This actually opens a door whereas class action lawsuits are routinely dismissed as there are no set uniform policies within the corporation. Many feel, including corporate lawyers and the Justice Department that Wal-Mart has had a long history of legal conflicts and therefore, their way of doing business definitely pushes the edges of what the law allows. They have had decades of lawsuits claiming sexual, racial, and religious charges. According to data, 358 of 3,044 federal court lawsuits in which Wal-Mart was a plaintiff or defendant involved employment issues. The company announced in December 2008 that it would pay as much as $640 million to settle 63 federal and state class action lawsuits in which the company was accused of failing to pay employees for overtime and all hours worked.
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