Volience in Media Essay

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Violence is a behavior involving use of physical force to hurt other people. It gives birth to emotional distress or physical pains to people experiencing it. Violence can be experienced anywhere in any form such as family violence, community violence, hate crimes or speeches, sexual violence. It could be even media violence which is shown in films, video games, cartoons and TV. Media violence is the act of showing crimes, killings, fights, abuse etc.
Media is now a day’s considered as one of the best source of education. It has power to create negative and positive effects on the mind of people. People rapidly adopt the stuff shown by it. The violence shown by media is becoming the cause of great aggression as people are unconsciously
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Violent video games are an ideal environment in which to learn violence. Violent video games: Place the player in the role of the aggressor and reward him or her for violent behavior. Allow the player to rehearse an entire behavioral script from provocation to choosing a violent resolution of conflict. Are addictive – kids want to play them for hours to improve their playing skills, and repetition increases learning.—(Pamela Eakes) Violent media is associated in creating aggressive behaviors and wrong concepts. Children who watch violence on media e.g. in games, cartoons or films they unconsciously began to adopt it. Children who are already aggressive use the media as further confirmation of their beliefs and attitudes, which in turn are reinforced through media content. . It’s also possible that children do not necessarily adapt what they have watched, but they try to measure their own behavior in terms of distance to the perceived media models. They watch fights, killing; murders etc. and find it as the only way to solve matters. For instance the most popular heroes are shown as the great fighters in the movies. From this they feel that the good people are the good fighters. An image is created in mind that the good people fight to get the rights and to solve problems. Any child exposed to violence in growing age will start feeling violence

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