Visual Analysis Of The Power Of Ancient Greek Heroes Essay

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Visual Analysis of The Power of Ancient Greek Heroes
Jun Chu, 80777295
Basic Description of the Two Objects from Getty Villa
The black-figured storage jar was made in the Classical period of Ancient Greek in 550 BCE It is made from terracotta, a material that is fragile to break but is also accessible. It is moderately heavy. It has an amphora shape that has a low center of gravity, which helps it keep stable when filled with water. There are also two handles on each side above the body and a short neck and a spread-out top. The technique adopted in this case is the black figure that artist first painted out the design in black on the red-based pottery, and used needles to mark out the details on the figure, and then put the pottery into fire. It is very easy for both of the Athenians and to us to recognize the content because of the Minotaur, the monster with bull-head and human body due to the famous story of Theseus killing Minotaur. According to the record in Getty Villa, after the long lasting wars between Athens and Crete, the Athenians finally retreat successfully under the leadership of the courageous Athenian prince Theseus[ Record tape, the Getty Villa]. He led the boys and girls that were supposed to be the offerings for Minotaur as Athenians lost the war against Crete. Theseus got a sharp sword from princess Ariadne and killed the Minotaur after fighting drastically. This vase-painting is the epic scene that Theseus killed Minotaur. We can see blood coming out…

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