Violence Essay

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| Do young people truly understand the gravity of their violent actions | By: Davion Logan |

3/15/2012 |

Right now there are many young teens going around causing problems to the environment around you. But what really causes kids to act this way? Teen violence is caused by one or more teens bullying another teen. It can be over clothing, friends, or grades. Teen violence can include weapons or fist fights or name calling. They might not know it but there is someone always watching, because everyone has a role model and the next generation will follow in their footsteps. If younger kids see the teens now doing all different types of violent actions, how will that effect our future and not just ours but also theirs? People
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There are signs to show a child’s behavior. Teens go with what they see and think it’s okay to do. This starts from the exposure to violence though movies, TV shows, and other types of media. Children as young as preschoolers can be corrupted into showing violent behaviors. Parents may think that their kids will grow out of it…. Not knowing that it will only get worse as they get older. This problem could spread faster depending on the people he or she is around. Already kids all starting to show this to not only other kids but also to adults. Today in school a kid yells at the adult for not getting what he wants. This young man throws the paper off, grabs his things, and walks away. This is proof that people have no care for what they do or to whom and who it might affect. This problem could have easily been avoided by him waiting, but instead he took it into his own hands. Later on that day, that same student was caught fighting down stairs and was intoxicated with marijuana. Drugs could play a big factor when it comes to violence. Drug and alcohol abuse can cause a major impact on violence on teens. This is one of the main points we need to work on to help slow down the violence in our society. Teens coming from an abusive family with drugs can cause violence. They do these thing to take out the anger that they been through so they used this as a way to get attention.

Although their violence can be

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