Essay on Violence Is Not the Answer

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The Effects of Violence in Children Cartoons
Summary: The effects of violence in children's cartoons on their behavior with the conclusion that violence on television harms children and that the media should show self-discipline in not airing too much of this type of programming.
Television is everywhere these days, not just in our living rooms but in bathrooms, kitchens, doctor's offices, grocery stores, airplanes, and classrooms. We have access to TV virtually anywhere and as American's we are taking advantaged of it. Adults aren't the only ones watching TV; children today are watching more TV than ever before. TV has even become known as "America's baby-sitter." (Krieg). Meaning that parents are now using the television as a way of
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Of those teachers surveyed, 96% of them reported that violence had increased among the children in their classes recently. They also noticed that on the playground boys were increasing excluding girls from play. (Walsh).

In an attempt to try to warn parents of the content of TV shows, they began rating TV shows. Many cartoons are rated TV7, which is deemed appropriate for children age 7 and up. However these same shows still contain the violence that parents are concerned about. A group called "Children Now" is fighting to have more appropriate TV ratings made. These ratings would be based on age-appropriateness, adult language, sexual content, violence and scariness factor (Gardner). This would give parents more information about the shows content and parents can determine what they feel is appropriate for their child to watch, because what is appropriate to one parent may not be to another. Parents need to pay close attention to these rating and not just assume that because a show is a cartoon that it will be appropriate for their five-year-old.

A new genre of children's cartoons said to be the most violent has been sweeping across the country for the past few years. This type of cartoon call Anime is a type of Japanese cartoon based on video games (Rutenberg). Such shows include Dragon Ball Z, Digimon, and Pokemon. These shows are typically aired on Fox, the WB and

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