Essay on Violence and Video Games

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Jeffery Horswell
ENG 101-001
04-09-2014 Violent Video Games and Their Alleged Effect

Douglas A. Gentile writes that there are positive and negative aspects of video games. If you take video games that do not involve violence, but education instead, you find a positive outcome. Video games could very well be the new form of education to a certain degree.
Things like coordination skills, memorization, and even learning a foreign language could be possible outcomes. Violent games on the other hand are a different story in and of themselves.
Violent video games are defined
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These effects were trustworthy across experimental, reciprocity, and lengthwise studies, indicating that computer game exposure causally affects social outcomes which there are each short and long effects. “The present meta-analysis provides clear evidence that pro-social video game exposure increases helping and decreases aggression” (Greitemeyer). No one is really immune to video game violence completely. Studies were done that showed, people who played violent video games became more aggressive and anti-social. That has a lot of smaller factors to it though. For instance, playing as a villain in a game can make you violent and harsh on people in the real world. Unlike people that played as the hero, who tended to be more generous and giving. Globally we spend over three billion hours a week playing video games, so it is not something that is going away anytime soon. Not to say that video games should not be played, it just depends on what kind and for how long. You can not go and say that everyone that plays violent video games is going to do bad things. In fact the majority of us show only minimal side effects, to playing games like grand theft auto and call of duty. The thing to consider is, "No one is immune to the effects of violent video games, any more than

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