Video Games And The Video Game Industry Essay

1028 Words Dec 2nd, 2014 5 Pages
The video gaming industry has grown exponentially since the days it first began. Better graphics, processing power and gameplay due to evolving technology has helped turn it into one of the world’s favorite forms of entertainment especially for kids. However, some of the games that developers release contain violence and sexual themes which raises the question, “Should kids really be playing this?” How is the government regulating the content in video games? The government is trying to put laws in place that regulates the content in video games and who is allowed to purchase them. States such as California have tried to put these laws into action but they failed to pass (Vescera). The biggest win for the video game industry in preventing these laws came in the case Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association. The Entertainment Merchants Association won which revoked the power of the laws previously passed by the state of California. The laws that were revoked wanted to prevent the sale of video games with extreme violence and sexual content to minors. There was no reasonable evidence to lead the Supreme Court to allow the enactment of these laws. One point brought up to support the Entertainment Merchants Association was that multiple studies have shown that violence in video games does not lead the player to go out and be violent themselves. Also the EMA believed that the laws infringed on their first amendment rights to personal expression (Brown v. Entertainment…

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