Video Game Violence On Cooperative Behavior Essay

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The video games surround everywhere we go. No matter if you turn on the TV or just on the computer. You are bound to see some type of video game. No matter what it may be. There are some video games out there that are extremely violent and needs to be talked about. Reason being you have young children who are playing these games and most of the time they are violent. This is affecting the youth of today. This is why this paper is going to illustrate the many experiments done on video game violence. This topic surrounds us every day. It may not be you but it may be someone you know.

“Deciding on Defect”

The first article title, “Deciding on Defect: The Effect of Video – Game Violence on Cooperative Behavior” was testing to prove if there the participants chosen would they interact, withdraw, or just become violent when playing a video game. They were expected to find out two things. One was if the participants will choose to be more involve or less involve with the partners they would set them with. Two will the participants choose to play or withdraw when playing the violent video game, they were asked to play. In the end the researchers found that the violent video game did introduce a violent aspect of the video game on the participants that played the video game. Or at least some competition on the participants of the game. This article relates to my study for the simple fact that they have participants who are playing a violent video game and they are testing to see…

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