Victorian Era And Victorian Society Essays

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In western academia, the Victorian era has always been a well studied subject. It was known to be an elegant time: filled with new innovations, a bustling economy, and an evolving political narrative. The Victorian era was the epitome of extravagance of its time, and no other society could compare. However the Victorian era was not faultless. While it was a prosperous time period, issues involving class, poverty, race, and gender still existed (as they do with all societies). Some of these issues were affected by the conservatism associated with the Victorian era. One such example would be the strict gender roles in Victorian society. The unmistakably Victorian idea of the “prideful man at work” and the “delicate lady at home” became ingrained into the Victorian culture. Victorian authors, of this time period, often manifested these stereotypes in their literature. Purposefully or not, Victorian literature often addresses the issues created by gender roles for women. As we have discussed in class, women in the Victorian era were oppressed and forced into the strict gender roles of Victorian society. We see this through the eyes of Maggie, the main character in the novel The Mill on the Floss, by George Eliot. However, what we also see in this novel (and what often goes undiscussed) is how men are also forced to conform to gender identities. I would argue that the male characters of The Mill on the Floss, such as Philip, Mr. Riley, and Mr. Tulliver are as equally oppressed…

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