Vernissage Essay

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Vernissage is a short story written by the author Claire Anderson-Wheeler. The short story is about a young boy called Alex. Alex’s parents have some serious problems in their relationship and Alex witnesses this when he is hiding under his parents’ bed. Alex is hiding under the bed while his parents are having a conversation. The mother is undoubtedly lacking attention from the father who only talks about the vernissage that they are going to that evening.
Alex is the main character in the short story. I think Alex is between nine and thirteen years old but we are not told the exact age of Alex. Mentally his age is however much lower. He is about the mentally stage where children want to be more mature and get more
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The father does not react in any special way. But after a while he tells her that he would be lost without her but then he just goes on and asks her about a shirt the mom has cleaned. This sequence shows us that the father barely loves her but more “needs” her to clean his shirts and so on.
There are two main themes in this story. The first theme is that love is more important than work. The father in the story forgets the love and is only focusing on his carrier. The other theme is being an adult or simply growing up. Alex has obviously problems growing up and that is probably connected to the parents’ lack of good communication and solidarity. This is a classic dilemma for a child with a prosperous parent.
In the ending of the story the father asks the mother when the babysitter arrives but the mother does not answer him. I think the mother does not respond because she is tired of being ignored the whole time. After this Alex goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth but then he realizes that he is too old to have a crocodile toothbrush and now realizes that he has to be more mature.
The banana sandwich symbolizes Alex’s childhood as well as the toothbrush which also is a symbol of Alex’s childhood. But in the story Alex grows from being childish to now being a bit more mature. At line 168 he really wants a new toothbrush. A toothbrush that is not childish

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