Essay on Vark Analysis

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VARK Analysis from a Read/write perspective
Grand Canyon University: NRS-429 Family Centered Health Promotion
February 24th, 2013

VARK Analysis from a read/write perspective This paper will reflect a nurses learning preference of mild read/write according to the visual, aural, read/write or kinesthetic (VARK) analysis questionnaire. “VARK is a questionnaire that provides users with a profile of their learning preferences. These preferences are about the ways that they want to take-in and give-out information (Fleming2001-2011)”. A review of each of the other learning preferences will be reviewed. Also a discussion of why this nurse would not be successful with the other learning preferences and why read/write is the optimum choice.
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These people will say the lecture in their own words to grasp understanding. These learners will ask that statements be repeated or may ask the most obvious questions. A read/write learner would only take notes, verbatim, during lecture. There would be no need to repeat or ask obvious questions. To have a student of aural learning preference next to the read/write learner would only cause frustration due to inability to move forward because of continues questions of the obvious.
Now to review the read/write method and why it is this nurses learning preference. “This preference emphasizes text-based input and output - reading and writing in all its forms but especially manuals, reports, essays and assignments (Fleming, 2001-2011).” Most of the information conveyed is best in the form of words. This learner would be very interested in the use of GOOGLE, dictionaries, and list. This nurse has found that turning information into a list clears the view of what information is to be obtained. Prior to writing a paper an outline in the form of a list with bullet points is completed. When reviewing charts and graphed data this nurse will change each graph into a list to understand. Re-reading documents or chapters in book to remember the information within is a method used by a read/write learner. This particular learner does not have much of an auditory channel or need for visual charts, just words

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