utilization of plastic waste for hollow blocks production Essay

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Utilization of Plastic Waste Production of Hollow Blocks and Bricks

The objective of this IP is to prove that plastics can be recycled into reusable hollow blocks/bricks and help the environment by lessening plastic waste. In this experiment, plastics were cut into small pieces to use them in bricks/hollow blocks.
The objective of this project is to help prevent water pollution that causes flood, by collecting and using plastic wrappers in making hollow blocks and bricks.
Plastic materials are commonly used in or daily lives. Plastic bags, wrappers, and other related products were introduced to substitute paper products. But now different problem arise because of the use of these materials. Land and water
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Dr. Balodis and his team are now researching how to accelerate the production of bricks. The current rate is three bricks per minute, but the team wants to increase production to between 30 and 60 bricks per minute.
Plastic waste wrappers
Red cement
PVC pipes
Measuring cup

The waste plastic materials were collected and cut into tiny pieces. A basin was prepared for the cement and plastic wrappers. Thirteen cups cement and 13 cups of plastic wrappers were poured into the basin and mixed well. A molder was prepared for the hollow blocks. Eleven cups of plastic wrappers and 11 cups of cement were mixed thoroughly. The mixture was then poured into the molder and allowed to dry for two days to ensure that it is firm before it is removed from the molder.
For the bricks, two cups of cement, one cup of plastic wrappers, and one cup of red cement were mixed thoroughly. The mixture was then poured into the molder and allowed to dry for at least two days.
Results and Discussion
The following are the observations made on the resulting products:
Ordinary Hollow Blocks
• Long
• Somewhat Brittle
• Thick
• Grayish White
Ordinary Bricks

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