Urban II And The Crusade Essay

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Another approach that Urban II used in his speech at the Council of Clermont to compel them to join the crusade, was to tell them that they would receive forgiveness of sins by the power invested in him, as pope. “Wear his cross as your badge. If you are killed your sins will be pardoned” (The First Crusade). Pope Urban II believed that he had the power, given to him by God, to forgive sins. There were Christians who realized that they were sinners, and that by fighting in the Crusade, they would have those sins forgiven. Pope Urban II explained that if they died fighting for God, they would go to heaven. He used that power to inspire and recruit people to fight in the Crusade. Many Christians sought to regain Jerusalem because of their faith and remove the Muslims from the Holy Land. Some were convinced that they would get rich off of the wealth they believed was in Jerusalem. Pope Urban II’s speech covered many reasons why they should join the cause. The Pope also had hopes that the Catholic men would stop fighting between themselves and start fighting the Muslims in the Holy Land. Because the Muslims had invaded the Holy Land, as well as many parts of Asia Minor, it was of utmost importance for the Christians to take up arms and fight the good fight.
The effects that Pope Urban II’s speech had on the First Crusade were persuasive and powerful. “Enter upon the road to the Holy Sepulcher-, wrest that land from the wicked race, and subject it to yourselves” (Medieval…

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