Two Kinds Essay

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A. The main character in “Two Kinds” is a little Chinese-American girl, who has been battling constantly with her mother over her identity. The struggle between mother and daughter begins when they move from China to America. Most of the time is spend with watching Shirley Temple movies and reading stories in magazine about perfect children. To success with making succeed in making their girl a prodigy they even cut her hair, to make her look like a famous star.
One night the mother is watching a show on Ed Sullivan a show with Ed Sullivan with a little Chinese girl playing the piano. That’s when the mothers mother’s ambitions start to grow. She arranges piano lessons but the girl lies and takes advantage of the fact that her
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We hear about a family who moved from China to America after losing most of the family over there. They chose America because of the hopes many foreigners get, the hopes of the American dream.
The mother has very high hopes and expectations of her daughter. She has a very intense dream that her daughter is going to become the best at everything. This means that the relationship between mother and daughter is very intense, weird and stressful.
Al through Throughout the story the mother pushes her daughter to do all sorts of thing, but most important – piano importantly she pushes her to attend piano lessons . Even though it has very little interest to the daughter, her mother keeps on pushing.
At one point her mother says: “Only two kinds of daughters.” “Those who are obedient and those who follow their own minds! Only one kind of daughter can live in this house. An obedient daughter.” This particular sentence shows us how much the mother cares about honor and family values. She is from China and has all the Chinese values in her head. One of these values is to create the perfect child.
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