Essay Turn Off the Tv

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Cooper! Turn off the T.V.
“Cooper! Turn off the T.V.”. I have heard that phrase more times than I care to remember over the last couple years. We do not allow our 5 year old to watch television that much, but when we do, he completely tunes out everything and everyone that is around him. I asked my family doctor about how much television is bad for children. He gave me some ideas, but basically left it up to me to research the issue and draw my own conclusion. After some brief research, I was fascinated on what I found. Even though there are television shows that help develop children, watching too much television is bad for children because television takes away from developmental time and studies show that too much television
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Violence and Risky Behavior I noticed one day that Cooper was punching one of my friends in the stomach. As I said previously, your child is born, and they just send them home with you. With no instruction manual! I know right from wrong, my wife knows right from wrong, therefore, Cooper should as well. Wrong. They have to learn it from someone, or somewhere. Growing up I do not remember being in trouble that much. I did not get into fights at school. I watched the same shows as my neighbors did, G.I. Joe, Dukes of Hazzard, etc. There was violence in those shows, fights, gun battles, car chases. But now as a father, I am on the watch out for shows that teaches violence. So, I asked Cooper where he had learned to do that. He said he didn’t know. After a while I started to see a pattern in his behavior, and to be honest, it started to concern me. I had always let Cooper watch cartoons that were older than what he was, now I am second guessing myself on that decision. He loves to watch Marvel’s “Avengers Assemble” and Star Wars “The Clone Wars”. Did these shows help cause this aggression? Or help grow his aggression? Dale Kunkel, PhD, a Professor of Communications at the University of Arizona states that “Violence is widespread across the television landscape”. Of nearly 10,000 shows sampled, 60% had violent content. With that kind of rate

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