Essay on Torture

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Hamzah Saleh

We all know of the effects torture has on our physical bodies. We can see the bruises and wounds left by torture. That pain is instantaneous and even a person looking at the wounds on some one else will cringe as he tries to imagine the pain that was felt. But can torture do more than just damaging our physical bodies? Can torture also impact our minds and damage our well being psychologically? Many are surprised to find that the real pain of torture is what remains in the mind, somewhat forever.
Definition of torture: First off, torture can be separated into two different categories. Physical torture, and Psychological torture. Physical torture is defined as the Infliction of severe physical pain as a means of
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Of course that is just one case of many.
Types of torture and their affects: Victims of torture have been proven to show signs of difficulties in concentration, increase in nightmares, insomnia, weight loss, fatigue, memory loss, anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder. The different forms of torture inflicted on the victim cause these. For example sleep deprivation, which is commonly used has been shown to cause significant cognitive impairments. These include losses in memory, learning, logical reasoning, complex verbal processing, and decision-making. Mood alterations, decrease in psychomotor performance, increase in depressive orders, and risks of suicidal thoughts and actions are also common in victims who have suffered through sleep deprivation. Solitary confinement is another form of widely used psychological torture. Most prisoners view this as the most difficult torment to withstand. Some prisoners even went so far as to say that “Electricity is mere child’s play in comparison to prolonged solitude.” It’s no surprise that this inhumane method can result in severe psychological damage including: sleep disturbances, anxiety, panic, rage, loss of control, paranoia, hallucinations, self-mutilations, cognitive dysfunction, depression and emotional breakdown. There are many other psychological methods of torture used worldwide. These include making petty insults, threats to family

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