Too Many People Are Going For College By Charles Murray Essay

841 Words Dec 1st, 2014 4 Pages
In Charles Murray’s “Too Many People Are Going to College” the author presents an argument that uses statistics and logic to state that some people simply do not need to go to college. All throughout high school, students are told by their guidance counselors and teachers that they should be going to college. Charles Murray states that college could even be detrimental for those who do not need it, but are pressured into it. Throughout the essay the author describes the advantages and disadvantages of going to college and receiving the bachelor’s degree associated with it. While going to college and getting a degree is often "seen as the open sesame to a good job", Charles Murray shows that might not be the case (Murray 345). The author first disputes this argument by showing that it is possible for someone without a bachelor’s degree to obtain a worthwhile job and make an above average salary. David Will agrees with this perspective by talking about a master plumber who makes just as much as someone with a college degree (Will n.p.). The next argument the author presents is about college being a place for maturation. Murray says that "parents should discard the idea that today 's typical college can compete with going into the military or... supporting themselves by working at any kind of job" (Murray 354). While one can be rewarded with a bachelor’s degree, college doesn’t necessarily help a person mature. The bachelor’s degree is often used as a screening tool for…

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