Tobacco Is Underestimated On Its Potential Essay

1896 Words Dec 3rd, 2014 8 Pages
Tobacco is underestimated on its potential lethalness. Despite the strides nations have undergone to prevent the augmentation of tobacco, it has not been successful enough. In order to reverse the damage caused by cigarettes, it must be ceased from the market. Its current legality serves as a danger to society, smoker and non-smoker alike. Laws aim to protect New York City residents from the harmful effects produced by smoking. The New York City Health Department has enacted its most recent regulations on August 1, 2014 called the Local Law 94 and Local Law 97. The Health Department strives to provide smoke-free air, reduce the availability of tobacco to underage children, and restrict the promotion of tobacco. The Smoke Free Air Act (SFAA) of 2002 made all workplaces smoke-free. As a result, New York City workers are protected against the detrimental outcomes of secondhand smoke. In 2003 the NYS Clean Indoor Air Act was passed shortly after the SFAA to create firmer regulations and voided some of the exempt locations, such as certain bars. The Adolescent Tobacco Use Prevention Act and the Tobacco Product Regulation Act forbid the sale of tobacco to anyone under the age of eighteen. Commercial owners must have a “No I.D., No Sale” poster in their business. It is essential to note that although the sale and purchase are illegal, the consumption by a minor is legal. In other words, a minor smoking a cigarette is not committing a crime. The individual who sold the cigarette…

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