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There are a lot of issues have been shown when TiVo started, it faced
Slower start in number of subscribers than estimated
• Losing money, total cost spent on Sales and Marketing greatly exceeds total revenues so little significance in increasing revenues although they spent a lot in Marketing and advertising.

• Profile of subscribers remains narrow
– Married couples, high income families, and the middle aged consumer make up high percentage of TiVo subscribers
– Singles, low and middle income households, the young and the elderly consumer remain a small percentage of TiVo subscribers
• Customer satisfaction and growth - Post purchase attitude reflects high level of customer satisfaction - But volume
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TiVo Objectives
Increase dominance in the PVR industry
• Close the gap between intention to buy and action
• BrodieKeast notes that product awareness, understanding, and intention to buy are increasing and get people to purchase a high quality of product.
• customers is a deep emotional response. It is more than
• technology. So they think that it should be possible to break through the inertia, using thatemotional response.
• A set of large-scale consumer surveys had been designed to crystallize thosenumerous insights and to assess their significance and key learning from all these sources (Consumer Meeting, emails, ..ets) had alreadybeen incorporated in everything from pricing to commercials.
• Penetrate a broader consumer market
• Increase sales to singles, low and middle income households, and the young and elderly
• Maintain strong relationships with current subscribers
• Decrease perceived risk
• Produce a quality product and focus on customer satisfaction

There are some options and solutions that could be considered to increase the revenue:
1) Through price option
- Reduce prices, Financing by targeting low income households not only affluent households families and could be also season sales
2) Through promotions
- Free trials, get product into house; likely to keep for testing it. (may be by offering one month free trialsGive consumers
- Get TiVo into more households

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