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Running head: Time management in nursing 1

Time management in nursing

Running Head: Time management in nursing 2 Nursing is a demanding career in and of itself. Without effective time management both at work and home a nurse be easily become affected by prolonged stress. Learning to manage your time effectively is highly rewarding. By managing time you become more effective and less
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3 Circumfrances.(Hurber,2006). There are three basic steps in time management, the first step is allowing time for planning and establishing priorities. Without an adequate planning its difficult to get started and begins to manage by crisis. In addition there can be no sense of achievement at day’s end if the goals for the day are not clearly delineated . Second step is to complete priority task whenever possible . and finish one task before beginning another. Third step is to reprioritize based on the remaining task. The priorities or list will change during a day, week or longer because new information is receiced .If the nurse does not take time to reprioritize after each major task is accomplished other priorities set earlier may no longer may be accurate. (Houston & marquis 2008). Time wasters requires special attention in time management, technology like interet, vedio games, and online card games are endless way to waste time.
Second Socializing with friends making personal phone calls and running around, although socializing can help workers to meet relationship needs or build power.
It can tremendously detour productivity.
(Houst&marquis 2008) Managing times is difficult if a person is unsure about his or

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