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The history of Russia is extremely important. How did it become what it is today? From the before the Russian revolution in 1917, communism became a driving force in the Russian existence. The cultural background in Russia also played an important role informing what the country is today. The new leaders such as Lenin, who introduced Marxism to the Russian society, often viewed capitalism as evil. The Russians also prided themselves in their army. With the emphasis placed on the military, the economy under communism has struggled immensely. These traits will eventually lead to the downfall of Communist Russia.
The Russian population came forth from a mixed heritage, mainly Slavic. The language and tools of the early
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Communism is a word more commonly associated with the Russians than any other nation. Russia has not always been a communist nation. Only recently in the pages of history has the Red flag flown over the Russian Empire. Marxism emphasized the proletariat, or worker in the government. The revolution of 1917 put communism into place in Russia under the lead of Lenin. The theory of the Communist party was not founded of force, and domination, but on the fact that it was supposed to be a strongly disciplined selective group. The party was to be limited to working class, and poor peasant workers. Members were schooled in the communist belief, and were expected to spread the word no matter how difficult, or threatening the situation may be. Any member who was using his powers for self-propulsion or enrichment was to be removed from the party. The communist party was trying to promote the worker, and better treatment of the working and working poor. This was the theory of the communist party, but it didn’t actually work out that way. Lenin and Stalin both proved that. It seemed that anybody that was opposed to the communist party was removed instead of those trying to promote themselves. More emphasis was placed on the Army of Russia, than it’s people. Russia’s army has not always been a powerful one. In the early years, the army was not even capable of defending itself, let alone the land area of Russia. Numbers were down,

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