Essay on Time Management and Setting Goals

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Time Management and Setting Goals would help you succeed
Nasser Y Miranda
English 101
University of Phoenix
September 2012

Since his appearance on earth some 85 million years ago humankind always has tried to learn something new. First we learned how to walk, and then we learned how to light a fire and then we invented the wheel all these achievements are important milestones in our evolution. The Al-Azhar founded in Egypt in the 10th BC is considered by many to be the first University in the world (according to Encyclopedia Britannica online). Through time higher education has gone through many changes, from the readings of Plato in Greece to Online Education in the twentieth first century. Although time
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In 2002 there were approximately 1,602,970 students taking at least one online course. According to “The Sloan Consortium” over six million students were registered online students during the fall 2011 term. One of the biggest concerns the University faculty had was “commodification of knowledge, course ownership, and student verification”; all these concerns are real, and the American Association for Higher Education (AAHE) has to find some way to deal with them to the benefit of teachers and students alike. One of the benefits that online education offers its faculty is time flexibility and independence and for students as well. Students benefit from an online environment when they work or have family responsibilities. Therefore students should learn to prioritize their goals. As higher education becomes more expensive each year, online education would become more attractive to new and future generations because of its lower cost. The younger generations are so used to using the Internet and computers that for them online education is almost normal to say the least. As technology advances online education would be even more generalized and will become very important when new students seek to improve their lives through a college degree.

Why should people seek higher education? Are there any benefits associated with it? According to the Postsecondary Education Opportunity Research Letter (PEORL), those who have a college

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