A Time for Censure Essay

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A Time For Censure Although many do not completely condone government censure, it may be time for legislature to limit the violent or otherwise controversial advertising seen on television today. The boundaries of what is considered obscene or offensive are being tested every day during that three-minute advertising spot in our television programming. Television advertising is more and more crucial for manufacturers to reach their potential buyers and they use their time to grab the audience's attention. Shocking commercials filled with sex or alcohol that target practically any age group are widely used, even if the commercial makes almost no sense. What advertisers fail to see is the effect these ads have and potential influence on …show more content…
During this time of developing television advertising there was still a large effect upon children. Researchers stated that children often remembered advertisements and products not meant for them such as beer, cigarettes, etc. (Alexander, A., Benjamin, L., Hoerrner, K. & Roe, D. 1998). This type of research and its results should give some insight into how well children remember things, especially when they know something wasn't meant for them to see or hear; and ultimately give some conscience into what should or shouldn't be seen by children.
Technology Challenges Advertisers In today's age of technology of digital, cable and satellite television there are more than a few channels to choose from. There's also Tivo and digital video recorders that can eliminate the need to watch even one commercial. Advertisers know that most people will not sit through a commercial when it's just as easy to flip to another channel. Therein lies the need for advertisers to really grab the audience's attention with their commercial using just about any tactic they can find. Advertisers appeal to the human psychology need by making ads controversial (DSilva, Roy (2007). Using sex to sell a product gets the attention of the entire viewing audience, regardless if the commercial is good or bad. Quick, comedic violence is used in commercials to capture the audience's attention quickly. Advertisers look to get just about anyone to remember their commercial, even if it is not

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