Three Pillars Essay

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According to the Grand Canyon University College of Business their mission statement is, “To challenge and inspire students to be servant leaders with the business skills and values necessary to drive organizational success and positively impact society” (“About”, n.d., para 6). To be successful in any personal venture one must be committed to their cause and posses certain qualities that help support their end goal. Entering into the GCU College of Business it is important to understand the three pillars that embody a graduate business student. The three pillars include servant leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovation.
Servant Leadership describes a leadership style that focuses on serving the needs of the team, client or
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The entrepreneur generally decides on the product, acquires the facilities, and brings together the labor force, capital, and production materials” (Entrepreneur, p.1). Although not everyone is in a position to take on the assumed risk of an independent business venture those individuals may still possess an entrepreneurial spirit. In healthcare an entrepreneurial spirit can be utilized in many sectors whether it be a surgeon who pioneered a new medical technique, a biologist who discovers and develops a new vaccine and even a nurse or therapist that develops a new technique or assistive device to better support their patients. A typical healthcare setting has its employees all contributing to the greater good of a single organization. According to Subadhra Devi Ray Ph.D, he wants to encourage nurses to elicit an entrepreneurial spirit in stating, “We want nurses to be actors of change and not mere spectators, watching and waiting on the sideline” (Ray, p.10). Nurses are an integral part of the healthcare continuum; they are on the front line testing and monitoring new healthcare innovations everyday. Moving forward in my practice I intend to encourage growth and leadership from my peers and inspire an entrepreneurial spirit in all healthcare workers around me.
The third and final pillar described by the College of Business is innovation. Innovation describes an advancement or breakthrough of current technologies or services. Given

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