Three Jewels Memior Essay

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Shawn Loaiza
Professor Cagnolatti
English 100
31 Jan 2014 Three Jewels in the rough Being the eldest of six siblings and cousins I was the one that had to set the example, this was the role I had to fill and this was what my great grandmother had instilled into my mind. I never thought of being the one to lead by example I always wanted to play around with my football and hot wheels, watch Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon, and Tom and Jerry all night long. But one night I remember vividly being in the kitchen while my granny was cooking dinner one Sunday night. My granny pulled me to the side while she told me to set up the table, and told me “Son in life you must work hard, and work hard for what you love, and when things get hard
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All that determination seeped out my pores. The idea that I was the life of the party, the main attraction now was in jeopardy. 5’11,155 lbs., forty time 4.3, light skin nice cut brownish-black hair, smooth face, stitches above the left eye slightly beneath the eyebrow. Athletic build academically smart, flirt with the girls, these are the attributes that built me and went with the title “Jock” Like the thriller in the sea that preys on his lunch, Jawz is my name and was given to me in the 10th grade. No was never an answer for me. I had a strong will, a sense of a warrior. I was a humble determined young man with a goal, a plan, and a future. But let me tell you how this all came so vividly to how I became, how I gained knowledge, understanding, and wisdom from what my granny had told me.
It was our first game of regular season the morning sunrise’s glare stabbed my eyes as I awoke; I reached for the blinds to close the blinding glare. Today wasn’t any ordinary day, today it was quiet too quiet, there were no birds chirping like any other day. The world felt as if it were rolling like smooth marbles down a pot-hole infested hill in San Francisco, because time was rushed and I was running in and out my room back into the kitchen back into the restroom back into my room bumping into my brothers. We had a small house with big numbers. I was so groggy, so I had to prepare

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