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Evaluation of Various Botanical Insecticides to Control Insect Pests of Pechay ( Brassica chinensis )

Introduction :

Many plants and minerals have insecticidal properties which are toxic to insects. Botanical insecticides are naturally occurring chemicals (insect toxins) extracted or derived from plants or animals. They also called natural insecticides.

As a response to such health concerns, the use of botanical pesticides is now fast gaining wider acceptance among farmers.Eric Vinje of Planet Natural wrote that natural pest controls like the botanicals are safer to the user and the environment
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Reliance on synthetic chemicals to control pests has also given rise to a number of problems such as destruction of beneficial non-target organisms (parasitoids and predators) thereby affecting the food chain and impacting on biological diversity.The injudicious use of synthetic pesticides can lead to secondary outbreaks of pests that are normally under natural control resulting in their rapid proliferation. As well as they are expensive in the market nowadays and poisonous to some forms of life. (http://ARC_Efficacyofthebotanicalpesticide.pdf)

In 2006, pechay contributed around P1.08B to the local economy.generally grown in the high and mid-elevation areas although it can also be grown in the low elevation during the cool dry months of November to February the popular variety type in CAR is the barrel type while in the southern Philippines the michihili type is pechay is being produced in limited quantities production was 37,171 t in 2006, up by 0.30% from the output of the previous year at 37,062 t major producer was the Cordillera Administrative Region (89.4%)area harvested in 2006 was 3,444 ha, up by 10% from 3,133 ha in

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