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Nursing: A Concept Analysis Robin A. Jonas University of Phoenix

Abstract The term ‘nursing’ appears left open to a wide array of definitions and interpretations. If the discipline of nursing is to develop, progress and take its place in society as a distinct and knowledgeable profession in all contexts, a clear analysis of the term must be undertaken. A summation of opinions gathered in personal interviews with nurse leaders specializing in education, research, and practice add a personal and emotional
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1328). Historically, a succinct definition of the term nursing has been a challenge for nurse philosophers and researchers. Finfgeld-Connett (2007) claimed authors have struggled to place the concept of nursing in the right category “Early on, it was suggested that nursing is one of the fine arts. Later, nursing was perceived to be a craft” (p. 381). Jenner (1997) eludes that nursing defined as a science is accepted and understood “While much emphasis has been placed on the science of nursing; the art of nursing is less well-understood” (p. 5). While a common understanding of what nurse do is easier to comprehend than how to define the term nursing, what is meant by nursing and where the discipline belongs in art or science is still a point of contention. The purpose of this paper is to provide further clarification of the concept of nursing. The Art of Nursing Students learn about the art of nursing in their very first course. They encounter Florence Nightingale for the first time and learn the profession they are entering has its base deep in personal and esthetics knowing. Nightingale looked at the art of nursing in the same way as music, poetry, and drama is viewed. Then the discipline of

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