Theory in Management Essay examples

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Week One Assignment
Testing a Theory
April 8, 2011

In my profession, theories are constantly brainstormed and are key ingredients of Quality and Efficiency design. Along with the chosen theory must come a vast majority of collection of data in order to measure, analyze, conduct experiments, and prove whether your theory was correct or not and why? One example I choose to explain when I tested a theory was 4 years ago on assignment with Panasonic Corporation. Their manufacturing, supply-chain and quality processes although well designed still had variation the previous quarters as their KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and KBM’s (Key Business Metrics) reflected. The first three to four weeks were spent observing the
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A concept behind the theory was that other departments would see how the group positively was affected by learning and applying a Lean Six-Sigma culture. After one month the chosen department we worked with first was much happier than before as a result of what seemed less work for them to do which was not the case. They merely just now had new IT solutions that converted manual processes into automated ones along with a more positive team dynamic presence. The team now had a sense of ownership in their work which showed with pride as opposed to just being another employee of many as they felt like before. Soon after, other departments gained interest and wanted to learn how they can make their work life more efficient. After six months we helped eleven departments in three sites (Manufacturing, Distribution Center, R&D) and provided what was asked of us initially by Panasonic’s Upper Management which was to find the root causes of their variation and standardize the solutions across their three connected sites. In society, things that people can’t have seem to be wanted more as opposed to things that you can have or do have constantly become less amazing. It is about value. All I did with the Panasonic group was create value within their internal walls. The reason LSS did not sustain there was because it was forced on to the people to learn. Everyone asks at one point another, what’s in it for me? Why should I?? Those questions are what I like to answer in my work

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