Essay on Theory of Constraints

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Theory of Constraints
In today’s economic climate, many organizations struggle with declining sales and increasing costs. Some choose to hunker down and weather the storm, hoping for better results in the future. However, layoffs and workforce reductions jeopardize future competitiveness. However, organizations that have implemented the Theory of Constraints (ToC) continue to thrive and grow in difficult times, continuing to achieve real bottom line growth, whether by improving productivity or increased revenues.
Since 1985, the Theory of Constraints has been delivering startling tangible results to companies worldwide. An independent study of Theory of Constraints implementations around the world found that huge results were
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In assembly lines, parts are coming on a conveyer and on each station; they take some time for assembly. The station with maximum working time is considered as bottleneck station and using TOC, problem can be solved by applying different solutions.
In design & development phase, products are designed using different tools. When they are tested, they show different problems. This tool helps to identify the problematic areas and sequentially provides the solution.
In manufacturing, products are manufactured using different technologies and some time

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