Theories Of Nature And Nurture Essay

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Understanding child behavioral development is a complicated topic. Some children behaviors are consider as “easy” and other are consider as “difficult”. Why do some children grow up with behavioral issues while others do not? This conundrum can be applicable to the concepts of nature and nurture in the context of parenting in relation to child temperament. The issues of nature and nurture have been a controversial topic in the history of psychology. It is the argument of whether psychological characteristics such as behavioral inclinations, personality traits and mental capabilities are installed in our system before we are even born. On the other hand, it is how we are brought up in our environment that governs our psychological development (“Nature-Nurture Controversy”, 2014). In this paper, the understanding of child temperament can be analyze through two arguments of whether the nature of child temperament is sprung form their genetic susceptibilities or through the nurture argument that the environment in the context of parenting affects child temperament. There are always two sides to a coin, on one side of this argument; nature in term of genetic heredity is the causes for child temperament. According to many psychologists, child behavioral problems have found to be related to genetic factors (Ge et al., 1996). Adoption cases were used as examples to further investigates whether genetic factors are the caused for child temperament. Published from the Journal of…

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