Theories Of Natural Selection And Descent With Modification Essay

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Evolution has always been a subject of questioning discussion ever since Charles Darwin established the theories of Natural Selection and Descent with Modification. According to Darwin, some animals were born with certain characteristics that became advantageous for their particular environment. As time passed, however these organisms modified some of these physical characteristics that they were born with in order to survive in their particular environment. This modification allowed the organisms to succeed in their environment and as a result, able to pass down this modification to their descendants. However, due to the nature of our world, we are always evolving in order to match our surroundings that continue to change in order to survive. Evolution is occurring today matching or is similar to pasted generations. It can be related to the known hypothesis of the Red Queen theory stating that the Red Queen has to keep up with everything to stay at her place. Meaning each species has to evolve as quickly as they can to stay in the same place (survival). As in the peppered moths Biston betularia, it is widely known for its evolutionary change throughout time due to a dramatic change in their environment.
In this essay the focus is how the peppered moths and its subspecies B. beutularia carbonaria who have black wing coloring are evolving back to the normal white with black specks across their wings coloring. However, the need to adapt to the decreasing of air pollution…

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