Themes Of War And Political Violence Essay

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Poetry is not the first thing that comes to mind when people discuss politics or even political activism. Poems are often seen as too “artsy” to convey any significant point across. Certain poets, however, do tackle major world issues in their works. Because violence is such a common occurrence that can be portrayed as immoral, poets take this approach to write and share their works. These poems often depict war and political violence as inhumane by highlighting the deaths of the innocent. The poets criticize these conflicts and display subtle urgency to eradicate these atrocious acts of destruction. Poems dealing with war often draw out innocence to later on destroy it, thus explaining the cruel nature of humanity. The Vietnam War in particular made use of destructive weapons, including napalm and Agent Orange, that ultimately killed and severely injured many soldiers and civilians alike. Although we have created memorials honoring the soldiers who died in combat, we fail to truly acknowledge the casualties of innocent civilians. Through the poem What Were They Like?, Denise Levertov allows us to really consider the lives of the innocent in Vietnam at the time, those who are often forgotten otherwise. She explains how they are “not remembered. Remember, / most were peasants; their life / was in rice and bamboo” (Levertov 19-21). Levertov helps us to consider the context in which these civilians lived their lives, mostly as poor farmers. She goes on to state the gory…

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