The Year Round Schooling Program Essay

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The year-round schooling program often receives a thumbs-down due to the additional burden it places on parents. With frequent breaks under the year-round education system, working parents will have to scramble for daycare arrangements. According to Pearson and Geier (2014), families can end up having siblings on different attendance schedules. If children in one family are not on the same school schedule, it will not be possible to arrange family vacations. A community member interviewed by the Florida Times Union (2014) also adds, “Like the failed school uniform policy, the year-round schools calendar failed due to failure to capture the hearts and minds of parents who complained of having to change or cancel family vacation.” “The lengthy summer break is a time for all parents to get reacquainted with their children on a deeper level than is possible on short breaks or during the regular school year” (Pearson & Geier, 2014). A study provided by Sardo-Brown (1992) further shows the overwhelming opposition to the program, especially in its school calendar. Out of the 398 households surveyed, only 10 percent of respondents respond favorably to year-round schooling while 83 percent prefer to remain with the traditional system. Moreover, 5 percent demonstrate support for both systems and 3 percent express no preference. Among those who opposed year-round schooling, the most frequent cited reasons are centered on the fears of having children from the same family on different…

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