Essay on The Wyoming Power Company Case

1832 Words May 11th, 2016 null Page

Recruiting stakeholder groups to participate can be difficult; however, in order to have effective collaboration within a project as large as the Wyoming Power Company case recruitment is necessary for success. Recruitment tools such as networking are a power way to help to identify relevant stakeholders in such a large and dynamic case. Networking, or more specifically mapping out special interest groups and professional that are interested or linked to the project, are identified and reached out to. Wherein through the communication with relevant stakeholders one can begin to find new stakeholders to reach out to through the suggestions from already identified stakeholders. The strength of this tool is its ability to generate and find new stakeholders to incorporate in a relatively efficient way. In relation to the Wyoming Power Company case there are many stakeholders to consider due to the fact that this case crosses many state boarders and is of interests to many groups with a wide range of interests.

In order to implement this tool, I would hire a small team of 4 to 5 outside individuals not directly involved with this case, but have extensive knowledge about the nuances of the Wyoming Power Company Case and have had previous experience engaging in stakeholder analysis. This small team would work collaboratively in order to generate possible stakeholders to contact about getting involved. Moreover, this team would meet at least one or twice a week to…

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