The World Wide Web Is Not The Internet Essay

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Firstly, the World Wide Web is not the Internet. The web is a feature of the internet, which is a network of computer networks whereas the World Wide Web is a series of interlinked HTML webpages connected by Hyperlinks. Therefore, “surfing” the Web and “surfing” the internet are two different things.
Although the task of retrieving a webpage can be completed in a matter of seconds, it is actually a complex process. Firstly, your device sends a request to the Domain Name System through a router and modem (These are now commonly built into one device), this message then travels to an exchange via a telephone line (ADSL) or Fibre Optic cable (FTTH) and then on to the Internet Service Provider’s network and their DNS. This domain name is then searched to find the relevant IP Address of where the webpage is stored. From there a request is sent to the web server where the webpage is hosted and then the webpage is sent back to the user’s Local Area Network in packets. Data packets consist of a header which contains the recipient and sender’s IP Address, the actual data and then error checking in formation such as a packet number. Once the data arrives at the user’s LAN, it is routed to the appropriate internal IP Address. Internal IP Address common in the form of 192.168.0.xx as the likelihood of an household Wireless Local Area Network containing more than 254 connected devices (.01 is the IP address of the router) is slim.
Throughout the process explained above, the Transmission…

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