Essay on The War Of The World War I

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It was one of the greatest wars the world has ever seen, and everyone was ready for it. Countries were preparing for war and their war efforts were ruthless. That’s what made World War I one of the deadliest wars of its time. It wasn’t just the inhumane aspects that got many killed or wounded; it was the introduction of the modern weapons of war. Because of these new destructive weapons, and the nationalism driving every single soldier on the battlefield, many casualties were caused on both sides of the war. However, these casualties weren’t restricted to the just the armies of both sides, but also the civilians of the countries involved. The war completely blew out when the assassination of archduke Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the Austria-Hungary throne, happened in 1914 by a Yugoslavian nationalist. After this event, the biggest countries aligned together fight the central powers. These allied nations consisted of France, Britain, United States, Russia, and Italy. The other sides, the Central Powers were made up of mostly the countries in the middle of Europe, such as Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire. It may not look like many countries involved but really, it was almost the whole world aligned with either side; also, each country that participated had many other countries under them. For example, Britain had many of its colonies participate in the war, and the same with Germany. Every one of these countries was waiting and ready for this war…

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