Essay on The War Between North And South Korea

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Korea 1950, under American leadership, the United nations went into war for the first time. What began as a conflict between rival regimes between North and South Korea, turned into a confrontation between East and West, threatening to escalate into a third world war. The allied forces became embroiled in a war unlike any they have known, yet, for the Americans it served as a military rehearsal, for one, they would come to know, in Vietnam. Reminiscent to the First World War, it started in racketed advances and retreats, and ended in trench warfare, continuing with bombardment. The United Nations forces relied on superior weaponry to limit their losses, experts believed that the shear volume of the United Nations air power would win the war, the latest jets used rockets, bombs and napalm in support to their ground forces. Yet, even the most massive American bombing campaign, that systematically pulverized Northern cities, was installment only in grinding the war to its final destruction; devastating the country in the process. It was a war in which nobody won, but the losers could be seen everywhere. A sea of refugees constantly settled adrift by the changing tide of battle. Three million Korean civilians were estimated to have died within the three years of war. What appeared simply as a “border dispute between two unstable dictatorships”,(SOURCE) unfortunately appeared to be the initial step in a communist campaign for power. There will be further exploration on the Cold…

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